Sunday, June 23, 2019

Green Shades - working with gouache

It's been a long time, I see, since I last added anything to my blog.  I have been painting and drawing, but just not posting.  We also moved and downsized our living area so I'm getting acquainted with my new smaller work space.  I have been fascinated by reading information posted by James Gurney and Lena Revo regarding their use of gouache, a medium I had not tried previously.  So, that has been my new adventure.  I've always loved watercolor, but felt it was out of my control most of the time.  The gouache gives me a second and third chance to correct and/or modify my first strokes.

I will be posting a few of these images as I explore this medium.  Today is a "portrait sketch" of a young man which I downloaded from the website.  I'm just giving it a working title of "Green Shades."  It is executed using gouache in a mostly transparent mode, but with white mixed in occasionally to give me the opaqueness to paint over certain areas.  I've posted the original photo also.