Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Black and White + one • Special Exhibition - March 3 - May 29

Reflections and Refractions - colored pencil

I am happy to have my art included in an unique show at the Women Painters of Washington Gallery in Seattle. This show includes art from 36 members of the Women Painters group all in black and white.  Black and white is interpreted by the artist as to its meaning and intention.

My work is in colored pencil with the subjects interpreted with values of french gray, black and white -- a literal interpretation of the show title.  I have often used the french grays and black in my artwork and enjoy selecting and choosing the values that I feel best bring the subject matter into the three dimensional scene.

The show opens March 3 through May 29 and will feature an Opening Reception on First Thursday Artwalk, March 5th from 4 to 6 pm.

Women Painters of Washington Gallery
Columbia Center Building
701 5th Avenue, Suite 310
Seattle, WA


Barbara Benedetti Newton said...

Lovely, Kay!

Katherine Thomas said...

That's an exquisite piece. I love french grays and I'm also really intrigued to hear you mention the use of the black colored pencil... It's so effective, and dramatic with those tones! Congratulations, and I predict your piece will be the main attraction at the exhibition!

Kay M. Dewar said...

Thanks very much Barbara and Katherine. I appreciate your interest in my work and I am happy that you find french grays to be to your liking.